How to understand the best before date in Korean skincare?

If you like Korean cosmetics, you can have a question “How to understand the best before date?”.

It’s two different hieroglyphs that Korean brands use on their product packages.

They look similar, but it’s different words in Korean language. 

"제조" - manufacturing date.
"까지" - expiration date.

Mostly we can see numbers and hieroglyphs on the product packages and couldn’t understand how it works.

Korean cosmetics manufacturers  mark manufacture dates or expiration dates on their products. (Sometimes they mark both)

So, how you can understand the correct expiration date.

manufacturing and expiration date on korean cosmetics

20220221 or 220221 (it's the same expiration dates marked in different way) - it means, expiration date is 21st of February 2022.

Date is always marked that way and in reverse order. Year. Month. Date.

Sometimes you can see on a package  of Korean cosmetics:

MGF - manufacturing date

EXP - expiration date. 

expiration date on korean sheet mask

Now more and more Korean brands mark expiration dates, but you still can meet "old style" marking some brands still use manufacturing dates. 

On photo below only hieroglyph shows that it is manufacturing date 20190123 - this product was made 23rd of January 2019.

manufacturing date on korean cosmetics

If only the manufacturing date is marked, you can calculate the expiration date using this table.

Cleansers (Foams, Cleansing Oils, Peelings, Scrubs)

3 years

Toners, Oils, Creams, Masks

3 years

Essences, Serums, Lotions, Body Lotions

2 years

BB creams, Foundations

2 years

Lip gloss

1 year

Expiration dates can be marked on outer package or directly on a jar or tube. Sometimes dates can be marked on both, in this case all number, letters and hieroglyphs should be the same.

manufacture and expiration dates marking on korean cosmetics boxes

 Also you can see the following image on the product, container or box. 

It means you have to use it within 12 month from the opening date.

best before date on korean cosmetics boxes I have noticed that some brands leave empty space on the cosmetic tubes for you to let you mark opening date. In my opinion it's very good, it shows that companies take care of their customers.

mark your opening date


From February 2017, printing the expiration date on cosmetic samples has been mandatory.

Now you know almost everything about korean cosmetics manufacturer or expiration dates!


Also we want to remind you that the best temperature to keep your cosmetics is +5 C (+41 F)to +20 C (+68 F) and normal humidity. And the bathroom is not the best place for it! 

If you have any questions regarding to expiration date please ask

We are here to help you!

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