THE SAEM Cocoon Silk Ball 1pack (12psc)

100% Natural Silk Protein sericin removes sebum and blackheads with minimized irritation.
Natural Silk ProteinIts molecular structure is similar to that of the collagen fibers that make up the skin. It naturally increases the elasticity of skin, speeds upskin metabolism, prevents wrinkles, tightens skin, smooth and delicate. The melanin in the skin is formed by the oxidation of tyrosinase.
Deep CleansingDeeply cleanses pores without iritation.
Convenient useJust put 1 ball on your finger and gently massage the skin 

Contains: 1 pack (12psc)

  1. Soak the cocoon in hot water for 2-3 minutes.
  2. After the sodden cocoon is put on the finger and gently massage the skin avoiding the area around the eyes.
  3. One cocoon can be used 3 times.
  4. The cocoon must be dried after each use.