PETITFEE Pep-Tightening Eye Cream (30g)

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Peptide Eye Cream with Power Lift  Formula

  • Strong anti-wrinkle effect and slows down ageing process;
  • Nourishes and restores skin protection barrier;
  • Increases skin firmness and elasticity;
  • Facial wrinkles smoother;
  • Reduces puffiness and gently brightens dark circles.


Peptide + Tightening ingredients complex!

Contains Peptides & 8 Types of active ingredients that boost the resilience inside the skin and improve the gloss of the skin.

Main ingredients: 

MadecassosideSkin Protection
Ceramide NPBarrier Reinforcement
Phyto Polyamine-SRevitalization
AdenosineWrinkle Improvement
Acetyl HaxaPeptide-8Tightening
Coffee Seed ExtractLine Care
Pro HyalWater Supply
UbiquinoneSkin Moisturization
Tocopheral Vitamin E

The Non-Sticky and Fresh formula comfortably wraps around your eye rim skin.

  • Safe and mild 6 types of additives excluded: syntetic pigment, mineral oil, silicon oil, triethanolamine, dimethicone.
  • Effective eye cream for wrinkles 36 tightening ingredients contained
  • You feel as soon as you use Tightening formulation

Brightening & Anti-Ageing

Contains: 30g

For Eye Care:

  1. Get some cream on your ring finger.
  2. Apply  to the eye rim nice and thick.
  3. Gently massage them until the formula turns white just as you lift the eye rim.

For Face Care:

  1. Apply it to the areas you fell troubled (forehead, around the mouth).
  2. Keep rubbing and rolling the cream lightly until it is completely absorbed.