PETITFEE Black Pearl & Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch 1pack (60psc)


Black Pearl & Gold Eye Patch - Purify and give bright skin tone.

Provide moisture and nutrition to sensitive eye area.


Petitfee Black Pearl & Gold Hydrogel Eye Patch contains:

Black Pearl extractHave high level of amino acid and minerals helps circulation
24K Gold
Purifies skin and helps keep the bright tone, also helps blood circulation.
Herbal complex:
Rosa Centifolia flower water,
Chamaecyparis Obtusa water,
Aloe Vera leaf extract,
Green Tea extract
Helps to keep skin hydrated.

Rich essence with:

  • Green tea,
  • Mugwort,
  • Imi,
  • Tangerine tree seed,
  • Lycopodium annotinum and
  • Botanical ingredients.

Brightening & Anti-Ageing

Contains: 1pack (60psc)

  1. After wash your face and apply basic skin care product
  2. Take out the patch with spoon from the container.
  3. Apply patch under eye area or around lip area.
  4. Take off after 30minutes and tap gently.