MISSHA Time Revolution Vitality Cream (50ml)


The face cream for Wrinkle & Vitality Care smoothes out and revitalizes overly tired rough skin.

Red complex fills the skin with revitalizing energy!

  • Enables the skin to become resilient and as smooth as porcelain by enhancing fine wrinkles formed by repeated facial expressions
  • Provides vitality to overly tired skin affected by the harmful external environment
  • The elastic cream forms a moisturizing, comforting protective film over the skin.

The wrinkle & vitality care series to help make sleek and vital skin through providing energy to loose and rough skin and caring fine wrinkles.

Main ingredients:

✔ The red complexfills the skin with revitalizing energy (Pomegranate, Hibiscus, Cranberry)
✔ DN-AidStrengthens the skin barrier with the extract of Cassia Alata which displays strong life energy even in tropical regions
✔ TrylagenThe synergistic effect of a peptide complex called Trylagen and a plant-based estrogen treasure trove known as linseed improves the overall resilience of the skin.

Dry & Rough Skin

Contains: 50ml

Take an appropriate amount and apply it over the face