MISSHA Aqua Peptide Custom Skin Care Toner (200ml)


AQUAXYL and desert plants’ energy increase moisturization and hydration for the skin. 

Modified for your skin worries. Moisture skin background = pH 5.5 + moisture peptide!

If your skin is dry or oily after cleansing, you need a toner that matches to the right pH.

AquaxylMoisture protection
Desert PlantMoisture calming
Hyaluronic AcidMoisture support

Why slightly acid?

The skin’s best acidic level is pH 5.5!

Aqua Peptide Skin Care Moisture Toner will protect the skin’s health with pH as the background in setting your skincare. The most important skin care step is the first.

Why Oil DOWN? 

Reducing the burden from oils to control shiny. Refreshing toning effect, prepares base for tone, moisturisation, smooth

Cactus extract 92% 

Instead of pure water, cactus extract in used for full moisturisation.

Contains: 200ml

After washing the face, apply an appropriate amount over the whole face.

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