MISSHA Skin Peeling Pad (1pcs)


Anytime, anywhere use Skin Peeling Pad!
Single use peeling pad exfoliates to reveal smoother, softer skin.

Smooth peeling effect!

As older layers of dead skin cells adhere to the natural cellulose of the pad, they form little clumps for easy removal.

Double-sided pad eliminates every last trace of dead skin cells!

FRONT - Cotton pad side removes dead skin cells without causing irritation.
BACK - Microfiber pad side allows effective exfoliation of smaller crevices of the face.

Exfoliate anywhere!

Peeling pad is also ideal for areas of the body such as the neck, elbows and heels that are commonly affected by dry skin.

Contains: 1psc

1 Step - Using circular motions, gently remove dead skin cells with the front side of the pad

2 Step - Access harder to reach crevices with the back side of the pad to ensure they are effectively exfoliated

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