THE FACE SHOP JEJU Volcanic Lava Aloe Nose Strips


Jeju island volcanic lava strips with Aloe Extract that keeps the skin pores clean deep inside.



Clear nose sheet pack containing Jeju Volcanic Lava* that completely removes not only blackhead but also hidden waste matters.

* What is Jeju Volcanic Lava? 
Is a natural ingredient with fine pores formed when lava cooled down rapidly during the eruption of Mt. Halla 600,000 years ago. It absorbs sebum effectively and keeps the skin pores clean deep inside.

Dry skin & Oily Skin

Contains: 1pack (7strips)

  1. Wash face, leaving nose thoroughly wet.
  2. Remove the clear lining from the smooth side of the strip.
  3. Apply across the bridge of the nose, pressing down firmly to ensure maximum contact.
  4. Let dry for 10~15 minutes until the strip has hardened.
  5. Slowly peel off strip.

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